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First Things Project

First Things Project is a toolkit for bedside teaching and makes it easy to record and track.

Each section is contains a brief tool for bedside teaching.

Make a record of the learning moment with the form at the bottom of each tool. You will then receive an email summary.

Record of learning moments

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Also known as Five Step Microskills model of clinical teaching.
The supervisor prepares the learner for a patient encounter and then watches the learner interact with the patient. Effective for history and physical examination skills.
When the patient's presenting problem is unfamiliar to the learner... it is time to observe the clinical teacher.
Develops rapid pattern recognition.
When the learner is well prepared and the patient is appropriate, the bedside is a great place for case presentations.
The shopping bag of medications can be great teaching tool
Prediction can activate clinical reasoning
Eliciting a one sentence summary can help activate clinical reasoning and synthesis.
Using multiple levels of questions can help learners progress from recall to reasoning
Similar to 1-Minute Preceptor.
You can learn a lot from the end of the bed.
A mind map based on an actual patient can help the learner see the patient in a broader context.