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Know & Show Assessment Tool: 

Completion ofcourse such as Resus4Kids or an accredited APLS course is mandatory. Contact your educator to arrange this.

This includes these key knowledge and skills:

 Demonstrates application of a range of Advanced Airway adjuncts including

  • self-inflating bag and mask
  • nasopharyngeal airway
  • oropharyngeal airway

Demonstrates effective management of an infant’s/ child's airway

  • Delivers appropriate rescue breaths

Demonstrates effective cardiac compressions

Able to identify shockable/ non shockable cardiac rhythms, discussing initial management and paediatric considerations

  • What is the most common paediatric arrest rhythm?

Demonstrates knowledge of safe defibrillation techniques

Discusses principles of Crisis Resource Management

  • Know your environment
  • Anticipate, share and review the plan
  • Ensure leadership, role clarity and good teamwork
  • Communicate effectively o Call for help early
  • Allocate attention wisely – avoid fixation
  • Distribute the workload – monitor and support team member

Not yet able to correctly answer; or requires frequent prompting.

Able to correctly answer almost all questions with minimal prompting.

Answers correctly without prompting.

Skills Performance

Not yet correctly performing skill; or requires frequent prompting.

Performs correctly with some prompts and no critical errors.

Performs correctly without prompting.


Not yet completed.


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