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Clinical Passports

Achieve engagement and progression with your emergncy nurses.

Clinical passports have been in use at Royal Darwin Hospital E.D. for around 18 months. Our aim was to ensure our fantastic staff were getting to progress at the speed they needed to.

Clinical Passports enable staff to set their rate of progression. The key basics of emergency nursing are made do-able with a variety of supporting resources to suit varieties of learning style.

We started with paediatric emergency and then resus.

Nurses prepare for each passport by accessing learning resources which include readings, online materials, video and others. When ready, they approach an approved assessor for that passport, often a senior nurse in the ED. The assessor uses the tool in the passport to assess if the nurse has sufficient grasp of the material.

When all passports for a progression area are complete, the education team surveys ED team leaders to ensure the nurse is ready to progress. Supported shifts are then arranged to help the nurse put their learning into practice.

The next step

We are now revising and expanding the passport system.

Now hosted on this website, the passports are available to other hospitals who would like to make use of them. Paediatric emergency level one is out now, and resuscitation level one will follow during October. In November, emergency essentials will be rolled out.

Shared under a creative commons license, the passports can be used as-is or modified.

The new site also allows nurses to rank the support materials using starts - as a resource acquires more votes it will move up the list. Nurses can also suggest a new resource. We hope to greatly increase the amount and quality of support materials this way.

Clinical Passports engage both your junior nurses as learners AND your senior nurses as educators and assessors.

Coming soon

In January we will launch CPD Central. This will allow nurses to store all their CPD in one place, whether courses, in-service, journal-reading or conferences. The passport system will link in, allowing you to easily track progress. This will then allow you to issue electronic badges. The option will be available to choose to recognise those issued by other providers should your department wish.


This is a not-for-profit, collaborative venture with the aim to improve emergency nursing. Please drop us a line if you would like to know more!